Exterior House Painting: Inspiration and Some Basics

historic blue home

Image: Flickr

Between the mental check list of repairs, the anticipated expense and time, not to mention choosing the best colors, painting the exterior of your home can feel like an insurmountable task. Whether you are a DIY-er or hirer of others, you will need money, patience, the right products, and inspiration.… Continue reading

Daring Jewel Heist!–Color Named Culprit!


Images: http://thehollywoodprojects.com/ (top);
http://www.austindiamonddistrict.com/ (bottom)

Stop! Thief!

Too late. Another bold burglary–and again in broad daylight. Yet more jewels have been taken. But never fear; they’ll turn up again, as they always do–as gorgeous, sparkling, fire-filled Colors for us all to covet.… Continue reading


Frank de Biais interior

Image courtesy of Frank de Biasi Interiors

Pink for Guys (http://colorchats.benjaminmoore.com/2012/03/pinks-for-guys/) was one of my favorite blog posts, and I felt the time was ripe for a sequel. There are few colors like pink that elicit such a spectrum of opinion from people of all ages.… Continue reading

The Sophisticated “Neutral”–Gray Comes Out of the Shadows

Jason Wu apartment

The shades-of-gray living room of fashion designer Jason Wu (aka, ball-gown creator for FLOTUS), who considers gray “the most soothing color of all.” Image: newyorkmagazine.com. Photographer: Dean Kaufman

For a while now, gray has been the It color, the plucky “new neutral” in design speak.… Continue reading