Wythe Blue, the 2012 Color Of The Year

At the risk of seeming impertinent, I’m willing to ask anyone, at any time, how they feel about a color. I’ve grown accustomed to the look, which precedes the response, and the momentary pause the unwitting participant in my impromptu color consult needs before they answer, which they always do without hesitation. And I’m o.k. with the idea that people may think I’m weird, or nutty, or impertinent, because after years of impromptu color Q&A, I can say with authority, that I know, how people feel about blue.

dining room painted in Benjamin Moore Wyeth Blue HC-146

More than any other color, blue is the favorite of a disproportionate number of people. Without rival, any and all shades of blue are THE feel good color. Putting aside the few shades thought to be too sweet or “baby,” my incessant questions reveal that men prefer the gray range, while women, are drawn toward the clean and vibrant side of the blue spectrum, most especially the periwinkle sort of blues. Here are few go-to favorites:

Gray-Blues men love

Benjamin Moore:Slate blue 1648, Lakeside cabin 1658, Van Courtland Blue HC-145, Stillwater 1650

Ladies blue preferences

Benjamin Moore: Windmill Wings 2067-60, Tear Drop Blue 2053-60, Sapphireberry 2063-60, Brazilian Blue 817

I’ve yet to meet anyone who claims they “hate blue.” All of this blue love makes the Benjamin Moore color of the year, Wythe Blue HC-143, which is a clear, nearly green and ethereal blue, an easy to live with favorite. All blue is easy on the eye, and is the easiest color for the eye to focus on.

Benjamin Moore Wyeth Blue HC-146 painted wall

The tiny tinge of green in the Wythe blue formula, keeps the color feeling earthy and sophisticated. Our visual frame of reference for this particular hue, warehoused inconspicuously in our always busy brain, is vast, and our minds need a split second less to know for sure that indeed, I’ve know and love this familiar color.

In combination, even I’m hard pressed to think up a color Wythe Blue isn’t compatible with. Here are a few colors you could add to the Wythe Blue mix with confidence.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143

Benjamin Moore: French Press AF-170, Winter Gates AC-30, Winter White 2140-70, Blair Gold HC-22 ,Deep Ochre 1048

If you’re enchanted by blue, and feel the need to have it in your home, consider using it on a ceiling to suggest a sky, where it will appear effortless and understated.

There are more great ideas, of how to divide-up a room to make room for blue, and many more shades of blue worthy of consideration, in the newly released 2012 color trends collections. You can get a jump on a 2012 project of fresh and lively color ideas by clicking here. Mind if I ask which colors are your favorites, make you feel happy or which blue you’d like to add around the house? I’ll have my favorite blue room all finished up and ready to share with you next time.

Stay colorful,


Color Trends 2012

Slate Blue 1648

Lakeside Cabin 1658

Van Courtland Blue HC-145

Stillwater 1650

Windmill Wings 2067-60

Tear Drop Blue 2053-60

Sapphireberry 2063-60

Brazilian Blue 817

French Press AF-170

Winter Gates AC-30

Winter White 2140-70

Blair Gold HC-22

Deep Ochre 1048

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10 thoughts on “Wythe Blue, the 2012 Color Of The Year

  1. I went and looked at the Wyeth Blue and personally, I did not care for it much at all. It had to much green for me and this in not the look I am going for in my home. I am looking for something which will go more with a pretty light gray color and thus far I am leaning more towards the White Satin or Windmill Wings. This gray color is going to go through-out our entire house, in the master-bedroom, and my daughter’s room too, we are going to have accent walls to “make a statement” in each room so this will give each room its own character. Our baseboards will be a deeper gray so they should pop!!! If anybody has any ideas…let me know!!!

  2. I have a colour wheel from Benjamin Moore and Wyth Blue looks much more green than blue – i love the colour in the photos you posted. Does it look more blue than green in real life?

    • Wythe Blue looks like sage on color wheel, but on the waill it is a combination of sky blue/jade with a few drops of gray. It has enough base so that it doesn’t come out an aqua pastel. I love this color and painted my kitchen backsplash (kitchen walls are off white w/oak colored cabinets). Looks great and appears more blue in daylight.

  3. Hi Susan. Windmill wings is a lovely choice to companion with gray, and your idea to repeat the color in different rooms of the house is very much on-trend. You may wish to take a peek at Jane’s post, from the Veranda magazine concept house,(a few weeks back here on Color Chats), where the idea of repeating gray was put to the test. This approach will leave your home feeling larger for sure. Good luck with your project, and please send us some before+after photos!

  4. Hi Debbie-You’re absolutely right that Wythe Blue is nearly green, and to some, it appears absolutely green!! Wythe blue is ‘cusp’ color-sort of, but not quite blue, and yet not exactly green. The blue will be more apparent, if the color is viewed in the company of its compliment, yellow. Viewed next to it’s neighbor on the color wheel, purple, the green attributes of the color come to life. But to answer your question, once an entire room is painted Wythe blue, the color will appear slightly more blue than green. Always remember that any color, reflecting back onto itself, will influence the result. This is such a beautiful hue, it almost doesn’t matter if it’s green or blue! Hope that clears things up for you, and thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

  5. I am currently creating a vignette for our decorating store display featuring wythe blue and where it’s found in other design elements such as vinyl flooring, carpet, fabrics, and even a woven wood window treatment. I love this color, so easy to work with. I am combining it with wheeling neutral.

  6. I just recently painted my dining room this color and I absolutely love it. I have an open floor plan/converted side-hall colonial so now I am looking for a neutral color to paint my living room (they flow into each other, when you walk into the home, stairs are straight ahead and the living room is first to the right, dining room in the back). I see the colors that they suggest for wythe blue but I feel they are too bold for my living room and was looking for more of a linen/beige/sandy color (thinking coastal/beach). My stairs/hallway is already painted Coastal Fog which I like and don’t want to change so the living room (which sits in between) has to match that as well. Basically I need a color that goes well with both Wythe Blue and Coastal Fog (both HCs). Anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks!

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