Full Spectrum Color 1.0

As the Color Stories paint displays begin rolling into select retailers (yes indeedie, they’re on the way!), it’s time to have another chat about this fantastic collection of full spectrum paint in earnest. We’re all excited to begin learning all the new names, and swoon, fan deck in hand, as we walk around the house dreaming of new color. Pressed violet, Intuition, Daydream; so much loveliness — but let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

Six Colors Besides White That Will Flatter Art

Is there such a thing as the perfect color for displaying art? It depends on who you ask. There are curators, collectors, designers, and design enthusiasts on the white team. And then there are others, like me, who’d rather hang it up on a more colorful backdrop. I interviewed the latter set for this blog. Continue reading

And the Winners of the Maria Killam’s new ebook Giveaway are…

Michele, Katie R, and Lisa Whitehead!  Congratulations on winning Maria Killam’s ebook How to Choose Color.  An email from Maria will be sent to you shortly so that you can download the book.

Maria Killam ebook giveawayThank you to everyone who entered.  I have to say I really enjoyed reading some of your biggest color mistakes and there were more than a couple that I could personally relate to.… Continue reading

Facelift Part Two: Rescuing Walls with Texture Paint

DIY Ideas for fixing walls in very bad condition are few, but today I’ll give you the inside scoop on my favorite fix for disguising ugly walls. I’m back with my super-budget-friendly kitchen facelift in a 1930s Sears Roebuck catalogue Bungalow style house. Take a look at the raised textured paint finish — that saved the walls and lots of money, in no time flat. Continue reading