Candice Olson Reveals Her Color Scheme Secrets

As open floor plans become more popular so does the question of how do you create color flow or a unified look of color.  Fear strikes at the thought of having to pick out several colors that all work well with each.  In the end people tend to pick one color for the entire space which is just bland and boring.

In this quick video, Candice Olson reveals her secret to selecting colors for an open floor.

The three main takeaways when creating a color scheme for your home is:

  1. Select one color and then choose two or three shades.
  2. Too many bold colors in an open floor concept create chaos.
  3. Use an accent wall to punch up a monochromatic color scheme.

Thinking about an accent wall? Candice Olson’s favorite accent color is Benjamin Moore’s lead gray 2131-30 .  This moody, midnight shade of deep gray adds a layer of masculinity and commands attention in any room.



Would you add lead gray to your home’s color scheme?

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