The Brimfield Tweet Up

Where the NEW in Social Media meets the OLD in Antiques.


is a sleepy, rural Massachusetts village that sits about an hour west of Boston. Three times a summer; May, July and August, it comes alive with 6,000 antique booths and 130,000 visitors. People from all over the country, even the world come to this famous shopping market that has everything from antique linens, fine furniture, pottery, vintage jewelry and architectural salvage.

#Brimfield hosts, Gretchen Aubuchon and Cynthia Bogart with the Benjamin Moore Social Media team, Lisa Sharp and Nick Harris

Both Gretchen Aubuchon of Fashion + Decor and I, Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics, had been avid fans of Brimfield for years. Both of us had just launched our own individual websites and had plunged full force in Twitter -where we met. When we decided to meet there with a list of friends that kept on growing but realized that there was no real place to socialize except near the food trucks. It was then we decided to have a Tweet-up. A what? A Tweet-up – which is basically when people who have only met online…. tweeting …. on – get together in real life and have a party. As strange as that might sound, many of us on Twitter involved in the design and lifestyle fields have made great friendships and we do get together – in real life.

Over 6,000 Antique booths and 130,000 people attend the Brimfield Antique Market

The #Brimfield Tweet up: This May will be our third time hosting what is now known as The Brimfield Tweet-up. Benjamin Moore and Company C both started off with us originally and are back again to co-host and sponsor again.

What do we do at Tweet Up?

- We have a big VIP tent just for our tweetin’ social media buddies to grab a drink, catch up on their laptops, put their tired feet up or even get a shoulder massage from our own Brimfield Masseuse ….

Repurposed Antique Chair

(Left) Cynthia and Gretchen find a $5 Brimfield chair. (Right) Decorative artist, Lu Samu repurposed it in a DIY workshop at the event.

- We have DIY demonstrations on how to find antiques and repurpose them

- We have several celebrities include Cari Cucksey of Cash & Cari; Mary McDonald and Nat Turner from Millionaire Decorators and Courtney and Robert Novogratz from Home by Novogratz

- We have a bar & our own mixologist, Warren Bobrow,The Cocktail Whisper who will be serving Brimfield signature drinks

- And most of all, we are a home base for tweeters who are there to SHOP until they DROP!

Check out the video below to see what we did last September.

If you don’t tweet, but always wanted to, click here for Twitter Lessons . It is not hard, is very exciting and you can meet people with the same interests as you. Just think – all of these people coming to the Brimfield Tweet Up met each other on Twitter …

Will I see you at the Brimfield Tweet Up?

- Cynthia Bogart

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