The Best Colors for a Home Office

Your mood and productivity is affected by your environment, and when you’re spending most of the day in your home office, you need to make sure it has the right look.  If you’re looking to transition from a purely functional space, adding wall color can inject a feeling of comfort and personality to enhance your space dramatically.

If you’re working on projects that require intense concentration and focus, you’ll need to be surrounded by non-stimulating, relaxing colors.

Cool colors, such as blues, greens, and grays are said to encourage mental clarity. A sage green like jalepeno pepper 2147-30 or a gray-green like nantucket breeze 521 is far from drab, but rather a subtle, sophisticated choice.

green office paint colornantucket breeze 521 is soft gray-green feels breezy and light.  Image by Pottery Barn.

The hints of gray and blue in crystalline AF-485 reveal themselves in different lighting and create a pleasing atmosphere.

Earth tones are peaceful and gentle and can instantly calm an otherwise cluttered home office. Coastal path AF-380 brings order to a busy mix of work and personal objects.

If you need to be upbeat and energetic all day, you will be better off with strong, bold colors like hot apple spice 2005-20 that raise your blood pressure and keep you feeling alert.

red and gray colored office2005-20 hot apple spice is a comforting deep brownish shade of red. Its yellow and black tints make it an excellent grounding color.

Better yet, be a little daring by using this combination of 2140-30 dark olive and OC-139 sea wind.  Add in a large burst of color on the ceiling with 1288 segovia red to prevent this rich neutral from becoming overbearing.

benjamin moore office colorsFresh yet still familiar, this super-saturated shade of 2140-30 dark olive immediately adds dimension to any living space.

What color is your home office? Let me know below!

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3 thoughts on “The Best Colors for a Home Office

  1. My office has been in my home since 1982, and through four houses and three states, it’s always been some shade of blue, which I believe keeps me focused and helps my writing. At the moment my office in our new home is a boring builder’s taupe, but after having tried seven colors of Benjamin Moore paint samples, it’s going to be Beach Glass, a soft, muted blue. I can’t wait!

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