Are You Peachy Keen With Peach Paint?

Of course, I couldn’t talk about orange without moving on to peach, could I?

The color peach came up during a #allthingscolor Tweetchat last week.  There was a good debate over the trendiness of peach and whether or not this color would be making a come back. I think pastels are poised for a major comeback (at least that’s what I’ve been hearing from some fellow Benjamin Moore employees after a recent trip to Milan). And if that’s true then the color peach will be coming back around like a revolving door.

Defining peach is difficult – somewhere in between orange and red, peach is a warm, crisp color that will brighten your space and work well with a variety of other hues.  Also referred to as salmon, coral, apricot and melon, Peach can range from a vibrant reddish-pink to a soft terra cotta.

Here are some great examples of peach:

peach cobbler 2169-40peach cobbler 2169-40
A pleasingly peach hue with a yellow undertone.  This soft, light shade pairs beautifully with red-based browns. The image below shows a color similar to peach cobbler.

peach cobbler 2169-40Image found on A Touch of Luxe


monticello peach 018monticello peach 018
A perfect mid-tone peach with slight gray undertones, this juicy shade is as welcoming as a roadside peach stand. Use it in any space to create a bright and airy atmosphere.

monticello peach 018 living roomImage by Pottery Barn


peach mousse 1199peach mousse 1199
A pink-peach hybrid, this youthful and vibrant shade of coral is evocative of cocktails in Palm Beach. Pair with glossy white trim to set an easy resort tone in your bedroom retreat.

peach bedroomImage found on Design Sponge


jumel peachtone HC-54jumel peachtone HC-54
This soft, pretty peach with a hint of orange warms up a space and creates an inviting atmosphere in a comfortable bedroom. The image below shows a color similar to jumel peachtone.

jumel peachtone hc-54 bedroomImage found on Veranda

intense peach 081intense peach 081
Coral tones make this dining room warm and welcoming. The creamy neutral accent colors complement a multitude of styles, from country to contemporary.  The image below shows a color similar to intense peach.

intense peach 081Image found on Little Green Notebook


I’m convinced that this spring, peach will make a grand re-appearance but this time we’ll call it Bellini!

Vote: Should peach come back? Yes or No!

ps. did you know that Benjamin Moore has 60 shades of peach? I wonder if they’ll soon be 60 shades of Bellini!

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7 thoughts on “Are You Peachy Keen With Peach Paint?

  1. Peach never rocked my world, but now you’ve got me thinking “Why not?” Personally I like the vibrancy of the richer brighter versions, although the more faded colors would look spectacular with dark brown, graphite grays, and maybe even piercing sapphire.
    I think I’m smitten!

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  3. Peach should definitely make a come-back. I was already thinking about doing my living room in peach a few months ago. Now I most certainly will.

  4. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures. I wanted to redo my bedroom in peach and these different shades were just what I needed to see.

  5. The yellows and golds have predominated for so long now, it’s time to shake that up. Coral, peaches and apricots are warm and sexy ~ there are sophisticated shades that are not the orangey tones of the 80′s…although, I’ll admit it. I loved them too!

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