Are Neutrals Timeless?

Don’t get me wrong, I love bold, beautiful and sometimes trendy colors.  Like coral, I can’t get enough of that right now.  But could I paint a whole room in coral?  Probably not.  Which makes me wonder if trend colors can come and go but the style and sophistication of neutrals can last forever.

I’m talking about beautiful, enduring colors that will be as perfect tomorrow as they are today.  These colors have a love them and leave them (for a long time) sort of flair.

benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

muslin OC-12muslin OC-12

boothbay gray HC 165boothbay gray HC-165

stone hearth 984stone hearth 984


benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

grant beige HC-83grant beige HC-83

sulfur yellow 2151-40sulfur yellow 2151-40

thicket AF-405thicket AF-405

benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

granite AF-660granite AF-660

calm OC-22calm OC-22

fiji AF-525fiji AF-525

benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

chelsea gray HC-168chelsea gray HC-168

pashmina AF100pashmina AF100

moroccan spice AF-285moroccan spice AF-285

benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

bar harbor beige 1032bar harbor beige 1032

mountain peak white OC-121mountain peak white OC-121

caramel apple 1042caramel apple 1042

benjamin moore nuetral paint colors

putnam ivory HC-39putnam ivory HC-39

branchport brown HC-72branchport brown HC-72

knoxville gray HC-160knoxville gray HC-160


Do you believe Neutral paint colors are timeless?


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3 thoughts on “Are Neutrals Timeless?

  1. no, of course they are not timeless. they were not popular in the past, especially when people could afford to have bold colors. people coveted color. neutral paint colors have never been popular outside of the usa and a few european countries, and that popularity only goes back 30-40 years.

  2. I have to say they are really boring. My sister just painted the interior of her house and played it safe with neutrals. You just end up walking through and really not paying attention to anything. Like I said..boring!

    • You make up for the neutral on the wall with colorful pillows, furniture, accessories. Use your imagination. Decorating is the fun part and that’s what makes the walls pop — no matter how neutral.

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