How Many Colors of the Rainbow Can you See?

Here is a fun color fact that I found on John Shearers Wonderful Colors Blog.

Benjamin Moore has quite the rainbow of colors with over 3,600 distinct hues making up the Color Gallery.  Here is what a Benjamin Moore ten color rainbow might look like:

So I’m just wondering, how many colors do you see in a rainbow?

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8 thoughts on “How Many Colors of the Rainbow Can you See?

  1. “Tetra” means four, not ten. If you clicked on the link you would read that tetrachromats have four types of cone cells, compared to the normal three. Hence, better color differentiation. So no, you wouldn’t be an octachromat unless you had 8 types of cone cells.

  2. The average non color blind human eye can distinguish seven colors in the rainbow, not five. This is called Trichromacy: three color channels, three cones. While Tetrachromats have four cones, they can typically segment the rainbow into ten colors.

  3. The best part of the graphic is the information identifying the color blindness of men. Many men do not even realize they are color blind…they just think they are bad with colors. Many of these men are in technical fields or science and feel a responsibility to choose harmonious exterior house colors to not disturb or offend their neighbors; unlike writers/artist/trail lawyers who do not shy away from bold or attention getting colors & combinations. For these scientist we give them these shirts after the color selection process.

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