Chalk It Up! A Chalkboard Paint Trend

Chalkboard Paint has, whether people like it or not, become a popular design trend over the past year.  It is as eye catching as it is functional and I don’t think this bold and daring design movement is ending anytime soon.  Particularly because this product has many functional and fun uses and because Benjamin Moore now makes chalkboard paint in over 3,400 colors.

You can turn any space in your home into a writing surface with these chalkboard paint ideas. From a reusable, eco-friendly list maker to a drawing surface, wall calendar, or child’s activity center, these creative ways to use chalkboard paint will make your home even more functional.  Here are some fun chalkboard ideas to get your creative energy flowing:

Labeled Dresser Drawers:  Teach your kids how to keep track of their clothes by labeling each dresser drawer.
orange chalkboard paint benjamin moore

Organized Chaos: Stay organized whether you use it to label some storage bins or tag supplies. Just paint chalkboard squares on your bins and label them with light-colored chalk. Before using chalkboard paint on plastic, we recommend priming the surface with Insl-x® STIX® Bonding Primer (SXA 110). chalkboard square labels benjamin moore

Personalized Coasters/Glasses: Never lose your drink at a party again with these clever personalized coasters or glasses. For best results, we recommend using a primer—such as High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)—for this project. chalkboard coastersTabletop Fun:  Add colored chalkboard paint to your dinner table and use the space to create personalized place settings for your guests. Or get creative and use your tabletop to create an activity area for the kids! chalkboard paint ideasLunchbox Notes:Get creative and use the lunchbox lid to share encouraging words at lunch or tell your child a funny joke.

chalkboard lunchbox note ideas

Left Image from: Dukes and Duchesses; Right Image from Scissors & Spatulas

Menu Message Board/To-Do List:Keep track of all the things you need to get done by applying chalkboard paint to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door or use the area to post the dinner menu for the week.

chalkboard todo list

Right Image from Benjamin Moore; Left Image from Whipper Berry

Flower Pot or Bowl Labels: If you enjoy growing herbs indoors or hosting a small gathering, paint labels with chalkboard paint. Whether you label the terracotta planters or your salsa bowls its a great way to keep track of things. For best results, we recommend using a primer—such as High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)—for this project. chalkboard paint ideas

Chalkboard paint can be used in fun and interesting ways — would you use it in your house?


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4 thoughts on “Chalk It Up! A Chalkboard Paint Trend

  1. I recently designed a mud room for an active family. I painted the side of the cubby unit with black chalkboard paint. Each morning the mom writes reminders for the kids while they are getting dressed. “take your homework”, “don’t forget soccer practice” & more are a helpful & fun way to connect on a busy morning.

  2. I would definitely do a message board somewhere in the entrance hall, because I tend to forget little important things and remember of them just when I’ve locked the door.
    I think the menu board is also a great idea, but since I’m single and my dog can not appreaciate it, I would have to wait before I can anounce my culinary skills to the public.
    Love the flower pots. This I’m most certainly going to try when the paint hits the market. Not that I can’t tell roses from petunias, but it looks pretty.
    And I really don’t like the idea with painting dishes or glasses. Looks like a school project for 5-year olds. My tableware is too beautiful for that.

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