What Colors Trends Are We Loving for 2013?

Benjamin Moore has been busy researching the most important color trends for 2013 and we’re finally able to share all of our findings. These color trends evolve from various places — gathered from the latest in fashion, art and home décor to see which colors dominate. In the end, we narrowed these findings down to 20 colors, which have been categorized into 4 select color groups, to make up the Color Trends of 2013.

So what colors are we loving in 2013?  We’re looking at and using the following colors…

Every color in each trend category coordinates with all the others within its palette.  So they can be combined in many different ways to bring life to any home and transform the ordinary into the sublime!

Let’s take a look at our first trend, Coastal, to show why we selected these colors…

benjamin moore colors for 2013 spa like colors

Image from Benjamin Moore

Think of very soft and fluid colors; the next level of “spa” used in many bathroom design schemes, finding it’s way into other rooms in the home.  That is what our Coastal theme is all about.  We took inspiration from the sea without it looking like a seaside resort.  The relaxing and soothing palette of stratton blue, lemon sorbet, and tranquility are bound together by the watery hues of van courtland blue and simply white creating a restful retreat within your own home.  Here are two room shots using this soothing palette:

Benjamin Moore blue home office

Image by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore yellow living space

Image by Benjamin Moore

Artisan Palette:
Deep, rich and cozy is the only way to describe the Artisan color palette.  Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2013
It’s all about found objects and family heirlooms.  Surround yourself in this eclectic mix of cherished items and warm comforting colors, you may never leave the space!  We’ve even gone so far as mixing cool and warm colors which not only adds interest to the room, but a touch of sophistication as well. Here are two room shots using this eclectic palette:
benjamin moore neutral living space

Image by Benjamin Moore

benjamin moore neutral living space

Image by Benjamin Moore


New Traditional Palette:
Our updated view on traditional design brings us to the New Traditional palette.  traditional paint colors for 2013

This wonderfully sophisticated theme illustrates the best of geometric pattern and color to create a new twist on the conventional look of time-honored style.  Feminine colors such as dusty mauve mixed with masculine shades of evening dove and baja dunes offer a mature compromise for this theme.  Here are two rooms using this sophisticated palette.

benjamin moore color trends 2013

Image from Benjamin Moore

benjamin moore pink bedroom color trends 2013

Image from Benjamin Moore

Urbanite Palette:
The raw and edgy side of our Urbanite design theme was influenced by pattern, color and the desire for a new take on contemporary styling.  benjamin moore popular colors for 2013
Contrast and bold color were influencers to provide the perfect combination needed to pull this theme off.  Yellow and blue are such a traditional color combination, but when we added green-based grays to the mix, we got the exciting palette this contemporary theme needed. Here are two rooms that use this contemporary color palette:
benjamin moore blue kitchen idea

Image from Benjamin Moore.

benjamin mooreblue kitchen

Image by Benjamin Moore

Visit benjaminmoore.com/colortrends where you can view room images, watch informative videos about the room transformations and other tips, download the Color Trends 2013 brochure, shop the colors in the palette, and view a complete list of resources that were used in the rooms.

Which new palette appeals the most to you?

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5 thoughts on “What Colors Trends Are We Loving for 2013?

  1. I like the coastal collection the best though however I would not buy those colors to put on my walls save the soft yellow that you are calling your color of the year. The overall feel of your collections is far too cold/grey and lacks warmth and cheerfulness. Far too urban as in uptown in a highrise for me. So I think this is a fail in my book.

  2. Living in the UK at the moment, I LOVE the Traditional and Urbanite colours – am already using some of the same colours so will expand my range to include some extra shades – whilst living in Canada, I only used Benjamin Moore paints for both my home and business and found Bayley’s Benjamin Moore Paints to be a fountain of knowledge and so helpful.

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