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Benjamin Moore Sweet TaffyJenny Heid of “Everyday is a Holiday” (pictured with Jack) DIYs her hair to the perfect pink and almost always wears black with it.

sweet taffy 2086-60Jenny Heid, aka Jenny Holiday to the art and blog world, has pretty pink hair. For three years, everyday has been an opportunity for Jenny to flaunt her favorite color head first. For Heid, that ideal shade of pink is on the cooler side of the hue. It’s what she describes as “sorta .” In Benjamin Moore terms that’s “sweet taffy 2086-60.”

pink mood boardPink tulle/zannestars :: Samsas sofa by Carl Malmsten/Skandium :: cupcake art/Everyday is a Holiday :: sweet taffy 2086-60/Benjamin Moore :: dots/Alisa Burke :: pink living room/Miles Redd  :: teacups/ Pinterst :: pink macaroons/Rhid-Baked :: wood trunk/Flowerchild Dwelling :: Sweet Taffy Living Room/Everyday is a Holiday

pink holiday journalThe signature journal from Everyday is a Holiday is of course available in pink.  Image found at Barnes & Noble

Heid went about getting “pinked” the way some people choose colors for the home. She started with a single streak (a paint chip), which eventually became a swath (like a sizeable color sample painted on a wall) which led to complete commitment (a painted room). Jenny followed her instinct and realized that the total transformation was inevitable. The passionate creator and picky DIY hair colorist says, “I always dye it darker than I’d really like it to be so it will fade to the desired tone.” Her partner in love and art, Aaron Nieradka, gets points for helping her with the hard to reach spots.

benjamin moore pink living room idea“I’ve had pink walls forever, “says Jenny.

benjamin moore pink living room ideaJenny loves cotton candy pink with aqua, cream and black.

benjamin moore wall stencil ideaCandied pink is one hue in a hand-painted stencil project.

Pink has always been Heid’s signature pop, and paint has always been her most natural mode of creative expression.  “Ever since my parents gave me the power to decide what my wall color would be I chose pink,” says Jenny. Whether dressing or decorating, she likes pink with dramatic black, fresh cream, and brilliant aqua. A hit of classic leopard print goes famously too.

Jenny’s pink coiffe is vivid, memorable and fun. It makes a definite style statement much like an exciting pink painted room. Pink can be cute, cottage, and chic. Though largely and most publicly appreciated and desired by woman, there are many guys who love pink for its warmth, complimentary disposition, and flexibility. For either gender, for any room, confectionery shades of pink can work all through the house and outside too.

benjamin moore painted doorImage found at A Simple Frame of Reference

benjamin moore pink room ideaImage found on Apartment Therapy

benjamin moore pink living roomImage found on House Beautiful

benjamin moore pink furnitureImage found at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

benjamin moore pink dining roomImage found on Pinterest

benjamin moore pink room ideaImage found at Hollywould Blog

benjamin moore pink kitchen ideaImage found on Mod Vintage Life

benjamin moore pink bedroom ideaImage found at Color in Design

benjamin moore pink living spaceImage found at Antiquity at Home

benjamin moore pink room ideaImage found at The Boo and the Boy

 benjamin moore pink ceiling ideaImage found on Pinterest

benjamin moore gray room ideaIn a decorating news flash, Jenny tells me that she and Aaron will soon begin to paint the upstairs bedroom. Her new Pinterest board “Bedroom Greys, Pinks and Golds”reflects her current color turn-ons. Though she is seeing gray in a major way, it won’t be without pink, and the gray certainly won’t apply to hair!

Author’s Note:

Jenny helped me complete this blog on the eve of Hurricane Sandy. She signed off  with this: “Hoping for the best…glued to the TV.” Days went by before anyone heard a peep, but now Jenny Heid is back with a renewed spirit. She wrote to me on Facebook (and I edited it slightly):

“Aaron and I are blown away by the love and support! We are so so blessed to be part of such an amazing community of artists, crafters, bloggers!! We are so full of hope and love and optimism right now. Such good medicine! We are ready to move forward and rebuild and be better than ever! So much is gone forever but we’ll see a new and amazing NJ/NY! Aaron and I are changed forever.”

benjamin moore pink room ideaThis shot is from a holiday story I did with Jenny and Aaron in 2001. Some things never change. Image from Country Living.

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5 thoughts on “Everyday Pink

  1. Love this Jane… especially the spirit that you captured from this couple. The pink and orange dining room is a winner for me… Oh how I would love to have someone embrace that combination.
    Also, I loved the mostly white bath with the pink ceiling… another stellar design idea.

    Happy T-Day from Seattle.

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