One Room, Two Looks: Which Room Do You Prefer?

For the 2013 Color Trends, we have embraced the concept of “One Room, Two Looks”. So for every palette, we have created two unique looks in the same room by changing only the paint colors and some accessories.

Here is the living room before it was transformed. The combined living and dining space comes to life with the stunning hardwood floors and great natural lighting.  The original color palette was a bit too monochromatic for our taste so we dipped deep into the Artisan color palette to achieve that one-of-a-kind design statement.benjamin moore beige living roomIt amazes me how showing two very different color schemes in the same space really illustrates the power of color. The simple use of the right paint color combinations can completely transform the feel of any room. And this was all done without having to make major changes, such as adding new furnishings, which is a great cost savings!

Look #1 Places a Pop of Color on the Wall:
Clean and sophisticated were top of mind when this room was designed.  The complexity of silhouette for the wall color shows the mature, tailored direction needed for an area used in such a grown-up fashion.  Also, the deep gray accent walls highlight the architectural details of the fireplace. Pittsfield buff lends a hand to the dark walls and softens the potential hard edge while grounding the space.

benjamin moore color trends 2013

pittsfield buff HC-24 pittsfield buff HC-24

 silhouette AF-655silhouette AF-655

monterey white HC-27monterey white HC-27

Look #2 Places a Pop of Color on the Ceiling:
And what a statement it made!  Traditionally, dark colors are reserved for accent walls, however in this design the ceiling was accented instead. The golden-brown warmth of satchel on the ceiling mirrors the similar colors in the floor balancing the space perfectly.  Sea haze was the ideal neutral color to join these surfaces together.  We kept some time worn furniture pieces like the buffet, leather sofa and the coffee table as statement pieces to build up the character of the room. This room creates an ambiance that exudes warmth and comfort.

benjamin Moore color trends 2013

sea haze 2137-50sea haze 2137-50

 satchel AF-240 satchel AF-240

monterey white HC-27monterey white HC-27

Which do you prefer: the deep gray accent walls or a warm brown accented ceiling?

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3 thoughts on “One Room, Two Looks: Which Room Do You Prefer?

  1. Love the pop of color on the ceiling, but in this case, it washes out the room. I like the grey walls because the furniture pops out, but now the ceiling does need color. Perhaps a lighter shade of grey will keep the ceiling light, but adds a little dimension.

  2. I really like the ceiling being painted a bold color. It looks great, but can you do that if your ceilings are only 8′ tall?

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