From Grinchy to Ginchy: Green is in the Holiday Limelight


According to some color theorists, yellow green indicates jealousy, discord, and cowardice which makes sense for a conniving creature with a miserly heart.

Tis the season for greens of all kinds.  Fresh pine, fir, and cedar bedeck mantles, windows and doorways. Shapely pears and tiny Lady Apples fill bowls.  And then, of course, there’s the Grinch – whether animated or life-like, is a shady yellow-green creature that defies one exact Benjamin Moore color match.  “Grinch Green” contenders include Dill Pickle, Dark Lime, Sweet Daphne, Olive Moss, Split Pea, Douglas Fir, and Wasabi.

In home décor, “grinchy” is totally “ginchy” – the latter defined by the Urban Dictionary as: “groovy, awesome, and kick-ass.” These impure yellow-greens – tinged with brown or black, have an energizing effect. Furthermore, they are effortlessly chic, surprisingly versatile with centuries of décor, and appreciated by generations of decorators from esteemed to teen.

I discovered the upbeat versatility of lime years ago when I painted my living room with it years ago. And I am thrilled to be a member of the Yellow Green Fan Club along with notable designers and color experts such as…

Dill Pickle KitchenImage from The Decorologist

Kristie Barnett: “Dill Pickle is actually a great color for a room, such as a dining room, that has a lot of wood furnishings.  Green in the background contrasts nicely and makes any wood look richer. You can use pretty much any accent color you like with green, such as blue, yellow, pink…what doesn’t go with green?”

Faith Sheridan outdoor space

Image from Faith Sheridan

Faith Sheridan: “With certain acid limes, I like the aqua blues, some grays and then a red/coral for a pop… AF285 Moroccan Spice…something like Canyon Rock and Tropical Fruit; CSP 1115 AND1120 or Azores and Amsterdam.. and maybe Fiji.”

Darlene Weir, Fieldstone Hill: ”I love yellow greens because of their versatility and freshness. A yellow green works with both cool tones and warm tones, and instantly brightens a space by hinting at the fresh colors of nature. My favorite ways to use these greens are with the deep richness of pea green walls or the brilliant shine of a chartreuse silk velvet”

Veronica Bower, Color Consultant, Regal Paint: In Florida, Stem Green is one of the hot colors that teen girls request for their rooms. Other top picks include Tropicana Cabana, Enchanted, Salmon Peach, with Black as an accent.

Below are more examples that prove “Grinch Green” is one of the jolliest decorating shades for all seasons.

In a formal or traditional setting, yellow green is somewhat unpredictable. It adds spunk, a bit o’ funk, and can make the heart skip a beat.

prints in living room

Image from Travel for Design

In an old house with classic trim or wainscot, mossy greens make for a cozy cottage vibe.

Green bedroom

Image from New England Home

Southern Living bathroom

Image from Southern Living

When used on an exterior, no one will ever forget where you live.

Wasabi Exterior

It’s pretty obvious that Lime time is anytime but the jury is still out on the quintessential Grinch Green. What’s your pick?

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8 thoughts on “From Grinchy to Ginchy: Green is in the Holiday Limelight

  1. Wow!My favorite color is finally in.I have loved this color since high school.That was 40 some years ago.I use this color alot when I paint furniture.Looks great!

  2. Jane, loved this post! I never tire of the boost to an interior that comes from a Grinchy green. Now that I know it’s also Ginchy I’ll use that in hopes to persuade someone to add some pizazz to their interior or exterior… Thanks for including a photo of my outdoor space.. Those green pots are a big hit on the roof deck in Seattle.

  3. Although it isn’t nearly as bright as the colors pictured above, I just painted my guest room in a lighter yellow/green – Spring Bud — and I love it.

  4. Dill Pickle is my all time favorite. I painted my hallway up and down with it. It really lets the sun shine in an otherwise dark space. The sitting room to the left is now Iron Mountain and to the right (our hang-out room) Chocolate Brown. They all look great together.

  5. I knew it! I’ve used Dill Pickle so often and people always try to copy. We just built a new home and it is Ginchy green all over. People seem to love it.

  6. I LOVE IT !! Love this colour, just sold tequila lime to a granite store for their showroom as the accent wall! going to look so cool :)

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