HIPPIE CHIC: Five Ways to Decorate in 1960s Style

hippie color and style inspiration

“The hippies of the late 60s and 70s were not only experimenting with substances, but with fashion and color too.” –Lauren Whitley
Images: Curator Lauren Whitley (center) by Jane Dagmi

When I was in Boston recently, I went to the MFA’s “Hippie Chic” exhibit.… Continue reading

How to Avoid a Color Identity Crisis: Eight Rules that Take the Stress Out of Picking a New Paint Palette

paint samples on board

Decisions, decisions! Image: craftsmanremodel.com

If moving is considered one of life’s most stressful events, then clearly the person behind this venerable list was color blind. It’s the only plausible explanation for why choosing a new color scheme is not only not on the list but doesn’t even get an honorable mention.… Continue reading

Just Add Paint

details of c.1910 house before color transformation

Details of an old cabinet and back staircase in a c.1910 house: The current homeowner is mulling over a future paint transformation. Photos: Jane Dagmi

Adding paint is one sure way to rescue tired, outdated, and just-not-you house parts that are still in fine working order.… Continue reading

Color Blocking…Where Simple Geometric Shapes Lead to Great Design

Cote Maison

Benjamin Moore colors: Purple Hyacinth 2073-40; Poppy 1315

Image: Cote Maison 

While on vacation recently, I visited MoMa, and felt a surge of color block love. My children, unfortunately, did not (see below right). So while they sat them down on one of the comfy leather benches and looked perfectly bored, I flitted through the contemporary galleries just long enough to visit briefly with Kelly, Rothko, Martin, etc.

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