Color Blocking…Where Simple Geometric Shapes Lead to Great Design

Cote Maison

Benjamin Moore colors: Purple Hyacinth 2073-40; Poppy 1315

Image: Cote Maison 

While on vacation recently, I visited MoMa, and felt a surge of color block love. My children, unfortunately, did not (see below right). So while they sat them down on one of the comfy leather benches and looked perfectly bored, I flitted through the contemporary galleries just long enough to visit briefly with Kelly, Rothko, Martin, etc.

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A Little Paint. A Lot of Wow. Five Small Paint Projects With Big Impact

painted wall with thrifted picture frames When Morgan Pederson designs an interior, style and budget meet in a really good place, like on this wall, where thrifted picture frames look nearly surreal and take on new importance when treated with the remaining paint. Image via Design My Heart Out

I hate to waste paint, so when there is some left over from a project, I try and figure out some way to make good use of the remains (while keeping a small jar on the side for touch ups).… Continue reading

Paint-to-Sell: When Bold Means Sold

A bedroom is the perfect place for a deep sultry color accent and the wall behind the bed usually makes a great spot.

When staging a home, there are great reasons to paint it mostly neutral. A soft neutral color scheme is compatible with lots of different decorating styles.… Continue reading

Accent walls — love them or hate them?

Love them or hate them?

I’m hoping the Benjamin Moore social media team will pick up my post today, and assist me in my personal dilemma by posting the question: “Accent walls — love them or hate them?” Maybe once we’ve heard the opinions of some 100 thousand plus Benjamin Moore Facebook followers, we can get to adding big splashes of color around the house without fear of reprisal from the design police! Continue reading