COLOR HIGH: Color on the ceiling gives rooms a finished look and mood boost

Ruth Sommers interior

Image via Brittany Stiles

In an interview in House Beautiful (re-blogged at Brittany Stiles) designer Ruthie Sommers was asked, “Almost all your ceilings are vividly colored. What’s wrong with white?” She replied, “White is boring on a ceiling. I may not know where my car keys are, but I know when I need a yellow ceiling.Continue reading

The Fifth Wall

I am always amazed at how shocked people are when I show them photographs of rooms with painted ceilings!  I just spent a few days in Calgary and Lethbridge presenting Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Colour Trends to some fabulous Albertans…… and as much as both audiences seemed thrilled with the future colour & décor ideas, there was always an “aaaaahhhhh” from the audience when I showed an image with colour on the ceiling.  “Wow – so different…..can I really do that??”   Well, during my presentation research this year I came across some vintage colour cards from Benjamin Moore’s archives and low and behold, look what I saw when I opened the pages:benjamin moore historic image

benjamin moore historic

Red ceilings, yellow ceilings……Aren’t they fabulous?  After the initial excitement of the colourful ceilings I was instantly impressed with the hand painted and drawn room scenes…..Incredible.   Other than the tube television, the scenes seem very current.… Continue reading

Dealing With The Ceiling

To paint, or not to paint… that is the question when it comes to the ceiling. We’re actually huge fans of painting the ceiling in many cases, especially because people fear that it might make a room feel closed in but it can actually have the opposite effect.… Continue reading

A Patriotic Color Scheme Circa 2011

It’s official–the glorious blue bedroom is complete and I think General George Washington himself would approve. I began the transformation of this room with an uncharacteristic yearning for the color blue, proving once again that when it comes to color conundrums following a gut instinct is a wise decision. Lifting my personal embargo on blue walls in deference to my Revolutionary War era blue and gold color palette ultimately led me to Deep Ocean 2058-30. Ta-da! Continue reading