What is the Story Behind Finding Your Perfect Color

Select Benjamin Moore paint dealers are getting ready to unveil the in-store displays for the new Color Stories color collection. Not a group to let their brushes stand waiting for fresh color cards, devout color enthusiasts have begun to reveal their extraordinary results using color stories full spectrum paint colors, throughout the design blogosphere. Continue reading

Full Spectrum Color 1.0

As the Color Stories paint displays begin rolling into select retailers (yes indeedie, they’re on the way!), it’s time to have another chat about this fantastic collection of full spectrum paint in earnest. We’re all excited to begin learning all the new names, and swoon, fan deck in hand, as we walk around the house dreaming of new color. Pressed violet, Intuition, Daydream; so much loveliness — but let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

A Color Stories Color Lights up a Room

Color obsessions are an occupational hazard when you’re in the business of color. I’d hoped the annual ritual of bedazzling the house with yards and yards of meticulously twisted red velvet bows would assuage my longing for red; Color Stories Flamenco CSP-1195, to be exact. And while I took some measure of the gifts I hadn’t wrapped and the tree, which lacked a single holiday bauble, in the end, all I could whisper in response to my husbands’ astonishment at my impromptu Flamenco Red holiday painting extravaganza was; “The color wouldn’t leave me alone.” Continue reading

Getting Familiar with Color Stories’ Full Spectrum Colors

Every morning when I open my email, I’m greeted by a long list of routine subject lines: need color help, color question, please help with my color. It can be difficult for me to imagine how the color each sender asks me to review might look in their space or locale. Knowing the light in a New York loft is not as kind to a vivid blue as that of an oceanfront setting in Southampton, is small comfort to me as the sun rises here in upstate New York. But thanks to the new Color Stories collection of complex, full spectrum color, the outcome of my early morning color consults via email has grown easier for me to predict. 240 times easier to be exact. Continue reading