Colors Every Man Will Love

Now that you have all had a chance to process the construction details of my tiny storage cabinet, I’d like to share the inspiration for this unusual color solution. I’m not opposed to a solid color accent wall in general, but with a little ingenuity it’s possible to take the ubiquitous solid color accent wall to new heights. Surrounding yourself with color references that recall a time in your life you fondly remember has the same effect on your well being as tuning into a radio station that just happens to be playing your favorite song. It’s subtle, it makes us smile, and it makes us feel happy and safe, all at the same time. Reaching back in my memory for a collection of colors I feel best about got me half way there. I’m giving myself some extra credit on the pattern. Continue reading

Glazing New Wood Cabinets: Finding the Right Formula

Those of us who know our way around the paint store really well will invariably make a pit stop in the glazing liquid aisle. I know I’m not alone in this as I’ve consulted a legion of glazing liquid aficionados on the subject. We all agree–one can never have enough, so we buy it often whether we need it or not. As I edge closer to the thirty years of professional painting mile marker, I’ve started to wonder how many gallons of glazing liquid I’ve gone through. Accused of being obsessed with this factoid, I’ve settled on a best guess and believe I’ve made my way through around 1,080 gallons of glaze. What I can’t figure out is how many times this single product has bailed me out of a color or paint durability jam. Continue reading