How to Be Hot–Really Hot–in Color

heat wave

“We’re Havin’ a Heat Wave…” Image:

Yes, that was another scorching starlet steaming up the red carpet in a sizzling sheath the color of hot skin; and that Ducati motorcycle that just made me deaf was definitely outrageous Orange.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez knows how to turn up the heat. Image:

 orange motorcycle

That’s hot Dude! Image:

Sunny, searing shades seem to be everywhere and they look cooler than ever.… Continue reading

Loving Colors (that you used to Hate!)

vintage General Electric advertisement

Oh no! Not Avocado Green!!! Image: A vintage General Electric advertisement.

Is it possible to love a color today that you loathed yesterday? It sure is. Just wait. Colors are like dogs: there are no bad colors–just bad owners. Abuse and overuse make bad pets and bad palettes.… Continue reading

Happy Huesday! Soft Pumpkin 2166-40

soft pumpkin 2166-40Not to long ago we featured a laundry room on our Facebook pageand the image received nearly 8,000 likes. In honor of the sweet shades success, today we’re highlighting soft pumpkin 2166-40. As its name suggests, this soft shade of orange brings to mind autumn’s pumpkin pies and buttery yams.… Continue reading

Into It, or Over It? Tangerine Dream

There’s a fun and fiery little hue that has recently burst onto the design scene in a BIG way and nabbed major attention in the worlds of both fashion and décor alike.

tangerine melt 091tangerine melt 091

Described by some as vivacious, exotic, sophisticated, and even spirited, this colour has single-handedly invaded our closets, crept into our kitchens, taken us for a joy ride, and even kissed a cheek or two!… Continue reading