How a Little Paint Can Add Character and Value to a Room

painted moldings and panel insets

Image via Haus & Home

Moldings are to a room what eyebrows are to a face. Eyebrows give a face expression; moldings give a room character. The good news is that much like someone with no brow can create a faux one with a pencil, so paint and a brush can be used to create or highlight molding to add distinction and architectural personality.… Continue reading

OMBRÉ: The Fade is Not a Fad

examples of ombre

Lookbook.NuMark RothkoJello Mold Mistress, and China Souffle

Ombré is here to stay. The French word defined as “shadow and shade,” originally used to describe a dip-dyed fabric technique, ombré has been warmly welcomed in the food, fashion, and fine and decorative arts.… Continue reading

The Best Garden Inspired Colors to Hurry Spring Along

My March chalkboard calendar is appropriately festooned with pink & green chalk — afterall it’s less than 30 days til Spring! In the garden, I’m on the hunt for a tiny speck of purple crocus, and around the house I’m working on a few, quick, Spring color pick-me-ups. Are you dreaming of delightful yellow daffodils, pure pink phlox, and fresh grass? Continue reading

Facelift Part Two: Rescuing Walls with Texture Paint

DIY Ideas for fixing walls in very bad condition are few, but today I’ll give you the inside scoop on my favorite fix for disguising ugly walls. I’m back with my super-budget-friendly kitchen facelift in a 1930s Sears Roebuck catalogue Bungalow style house. Take a look at the raised textured paint finish — that saved the walls and lots of money, in no time flat. Continue reading