Pop of Color: Wall vs. Ceiling

Every room needs color whether it has bold colored walls, a pop of color on the ceiling, or vibrant accessories.  I recently came across these rooms in the new Benjamin Moore Rooms by Color Gallery.  (side note: I love this gallery because it will show you one room with three different color palettes.)

But it brought up the question– Do you prefer a pop of color on the wall or the ceiling?… Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Bring Colour To Your Space!

One of the questions that I get asked all the time, is “how do I bring a splash of colour into my space when everything I have is neutral?”  As ideal as it is to start with a ”blank canvas,”  it can seem really overwhelming to add that first stroke of colour.  Similar to adding a trendy scarf colour, handbag or shoe to an all neutral outfit, bringing colour into your home is very personal, and for many people starts off conservative but before you know it,  turns into an obsession!… Continue reading

Door Appeal: Painted Interior Doors

I have a new crush and it’s boldly colored painted doors.  No, not the typical painted front doors.  Everyone knows that painting the front door is a fast and easy way to add curb appeal to a house.   But when was the last time you thought about painting an interior door?… Continue reading

Pop of Color: Wall vs. Ceiling

I think we all can agree that when it comes to choosing paint colors for a room that you need to take the ceiling into consideration too.  Even if you’re choosing white for the ceiling, its best to choose a complementary version of white rather than ubiquitous painters white.… Continue reading