LOL–How to have FUN with Color

clown face

Clowning around is permitted. Image:

All joking aside, color doesn’t have to be complex or complicated. Color is appealing and good, and using it should be a joy. Color can be loads of fun–I kid you not! It can be as easy and carefree as a trip to the circus.… Continue reading

Take Control!–The Shock and Awe of Color

stop sign


STOP! Think of it: Color may appear so light and lovely–so pleasant and peaceful. But underneath that exterior beauty lurks the inner power to prod and provoke–to positively demand attention. The brilliant power of color can be wielded to fantastic effect.… Continue reading

Why You Need Orange and How to Use It

I’ve got orange on my mind. It could be because the orange is Florida’s state fruit and that’s where I live. But I know this orange obsession is related to the juicy rooms that I have personally visited. I happen to have a close group of highly creative girl friends who really know how to decorate with orange. Continue reading