Mad About the Beige

jrobertscott interior

Beige is beautiful–when used brilliantly. Image:

How come some colors get such a bad rap? It’s really not their fault. They’re innocent. With a little love and a trip to color rehab, they can be reintroduced to society and be all the better for it.… Continue reading

What goes well with BROWNGE?

When brown and orange mix, the result is a timeless neutral that’s spicy and rich.

Polyvore and Garden Gun chairs

Old and New: Never a wrong time for Brownge
Images from: Polyvore and Garden & Gun

Somewhere between brown and orange lurks a delicious caramel-bourbon-sweet potato color that should be called “brownge.” I’ve admired brownge on the seats of old distressed leather chairs, in oxidized wood, and exposed brick.… Continue reading

Eight Cozy Colors for your Room

The temps have dropped and December is just hours away. It’s not officially Winter yet but it sure feels that way. A couple of weeks ago, Sharon Grech shared her secrets on Warm Colours for these Cool Days. Well I’ve wrapped up eight of Benjamin Moore’s most cozy colors to help you create a warm & toasty and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home.  Wrap yourself in these rich browns, warm reds, and glowing golds.… Continue reading